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Next T-NOVA Meeting will be held at University Hannover, 3-5 June 2015. We thank Universität Hannover for their hosting.
Rejoignez nous : 
 - Au Colloque "Génération entreprises" le 8 juin 2015 
 - A l évènement "BIG 24h non stop" de la BPI le 10 juin 2015 #innogeneration 

 Viotech sera : 
 - à l'Université Numérique du MEDEF les 10 & 11 juin 2015.

Interesting update on Mobile Networks, check this link.

Google I/O  kicked things off with a preview of Android M, the next version of its mobile operating system. In this edition, Dave Burke said that "we made a conscious decision to focus on quality end-to-end" with an eye toward improving the core experience of using the OS

Lenovo : "We clearly made a mistake, and we're not going to make it again," Smith, the top American executive in the Chinese firm, said. "We're going to be extremely transparent on what the usage model is, and hyper-sensitive that data is secure and not misappropriated."