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T-Nova technical meeting will take place from 07-09 of October 2014 in Palermo (Italy). 

VIOTECH will be present at la plénière d'usine du future thursday, september 11

CES Unveiled Event Series Abroad: 2014 Dates Announced

New events scheduled in Shanghai, Warsaw and São Paulo;
will also return to Paris
Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Apple unveils Smartwatch, its first new Product in 4 Years.

To know every things about the Keynote 2014 it's here.

Depeche AFP

Le Conseil d'Etat a formulé mardi 50 propositions pour répondre aux mutations les plus récentes d'internet tout en garantissant les libertés et en préservant l'innovation.

Tata Communications conducted an online survey wherein a set of 14 closed questions were administered, aimed at capturing the behavioural, technical and philosophical responses with regards to the Internet.